Want to Know How we Manage Our HMOs?

Like they’re our own!

We believe in treating each tenant, property, and process like we were doing it on one of our own properties because that’s the right thing to do.

We’ve been in your shoes as investors and got stung, so we understand exactly how much trust you are giving us to deliver and stay on top of maintenance, tenant issues and ensuring the house runs smoothly.

What About Costs?

With a lot of agents, they will charge something on top of maintenance call outs and work. We don’t. Whatever the cost is to fix something is what we will charge you. We’re happy to provide invoices from the tradesperson, too, if you want to see them.

Also, we believe in a fixed fee service. If we are purely managing your property, we have a fixed % fee of the gross monthly rent. No extra fees for check-ins, reference checking*, inventories, check-outs, call-outs, etc.

*Reference checking. If, for insurance purposes, you require a really deep dive into someone’s background and history, then there could be a cost which we will have to pass on as this may be more expensive than our standard checks. It depends on what you require and we can agree this upfront.


We regularly visit the properties and check that everything is running as it should be. We carry out fire risk assessments, ensure the cleaner is keeping on top of the big tasks and check all the safety requirements are being met.

Fast Response Times

When there is a problem, it needs dealing with immediately. We are always contactable by the tenants should an issue arise so that it can be dealt with to minimise any longer term problems.

  • The tenants have a 24 x 7 phone number to call in case of emergencies

  • Plumbers, electricians and other trades can be called if there is a major situation

  • Someone from the team will check what the problem is and come up with a solution

  • We never let issues, no matter how small, remain issues for long

It’s important to make sure that even the smaller problems are dealt with speedily for two reasons. 1) We don’t want a small problem to turn into a larger one and 2) The tenants deserve to live in a safe, comfortable home so we need to keep on top of maintenance issues.

From experience, we see a major shift in tenant’s behaviours when dealing with issues straight away. We’ve seen what happens when maintenance tasks get left and the house begins to go downhill. No one wants to live in that kind of environment. By contrast, just by showing up, putting the effort in and responding to the tenant’s requests the behaviour change and attitude towards the property changes massively.